Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Follow Ireland link above for updates in Ireland. Apologies, Ireland link has moved to the end. I'm still learning!!

A couple of photos of my first night in London. My three beautiful great nieces. Lisa and Lucas certainly are very busy with the three girls - Macie, Isla and Pearl. It was great to spend time with my sister Roe, although I'm not quite sure how her health really is.

Either 29 or 30 April!!

Well, it is 1:15pm your time, heavens only knows what time in what zone I’m in. Have just flown over Greenland, so not far out of London after this epic travel. I left Melbourne 11:20am yesterday morning and only have another 2 1/2 hours to go!!

Trip started well, as I asked to be upgraded to Economy Plus for the trip from LA to London. I had already upgraded the Melb/Syd/LA trip.

Asked how much and didn't have to pay!!

Of course, someone in customs commented on my Nancybird handbag and how fabulous it is.

Also, stated that I must be a seasoned traveler, as I knew exactly what to do. Gosh you can bluff your way sometimes. But of course, when I got to LA and going back through customs, they called my bag aside as I had forgotten to empty my water bottle. I was most apologetic and a little embarrassed and they were fine!!

Some guy my age got chatting and told me I look like Helen Mirren. Is that a pick up line?

Arrived in London. Battled suitcase back pack and oversized packed Nancy bird through peak hour on the tube. What an experience. Certainly no patience when it’s time to be at work on a Friday morning before a long weekend and this old lady stands on the wrong side of the escalator!

Am now sitting in a little cafe in Hackney with my sister.

Will write from Ireland.

Love to you all!

Viv's Itinerary

April 29
11:20am Melbourne - Sydney - 10:11am Los Angeles
April 30
Arrive in London and catch express bus to Luton - night in Luton


May 1
Fly to Galway - 2:15pm. Meet the group tour for dinner and stay overnight in Galway.
May 2 and 3
May 4 and 5
May 6
May 7&8

May 9
7:10am Dublin to Rome 11:20am

May 9 10 11
May 12
May 13 14
May 15
May 16 17
May 18 19
Lake Como
May 20
Fly from Milan to Paris
overnight Paris

La Belle France - Normandy & Loire Valley

May 21 - Tour of France begins

May 21 22
May 23 24
May 25
May 26 27
May 28
May 29 30 31

June 1
Train from Paris to London

June 2 3 4 5 6

June 7 8 9 (I don't think I see June 8??)
London to Chicago - Chicago - Los Angeles - Sydney and arrive in Melbourne June 9

End of my holiday!!!!