Fly from Dublin to Rome 9 May
Just typed up the whole day and lost it!!! Have to sit in the foyer to update and fell asleep.
Will re-type tomorrow.

Here we go again.
Well, as you all know by now, I have arrived in Rome. Got very scary as Northern Italy flights were cancelled around midnight before I flew out. I was leaving Dublin at 7:10am.
Didn't get much sleep, as kept checking updates and had to be up at 3:30am. The hotel still supplied fresh coffee and buffet breakfast for me at 4:00am before I caught a taxi to the airport.

I haven't told you yet, but on each of my flights I have had noone beside me except the little plane from Luton to Galway. 
The flight from LA to London I had 5 seats to myself (the free upgrade); so I had plenty of  pillows and blankets and stretched out and slept.
The Flight from Dublin to Rome, I had three seats.  We flew in a different direction  to avoid the ash and went over the Swiss Alps - what a sight. Yes, I looked out the window and have no issues with flying anymore. Nancy bird to the rescue again, as my pillow for a little nap on the plane. Kad, I think Mamas is looking after me, as I left my coat with my glasses in the pocket on the bus.
Thank heavens the bus driver returned them to the hotel!!!
I'm very lucky.
My first late afternoon in Rome, I'm feeling pretty devastated and cross with myself for leaving my coat on the bus, so I turned the TV on. 
Watched Mark Weber when the F1 race and Cadel Evans being interviewed (all in Italian) with the Tour of Italy. Even sang the national anthem with Mark Weber. How strange!

On this tour we have 5 people again. One Australian couple from Brisbane and one couple from America.
Lovely people and Vivien is our guide (yes not me, I'm Viv on the tour)
I have to type this up downstairs at the hotel, so will not have time to check what I have typed; so please excuse any mistakes.

We went to the Trevi fountain and had  dinner last night at a small local restaurant - only locals there.
Yes, mixed platter, Pizza and Tiramasui and a jug of  white wine. No wonder, I killed the blog last night!! 
Today we have walked and walked from 9:00am - 6:30pm only stopping for iced coffee - ice coffee Crystals with cream on top and a lovely seafood salad for lunch.
Too many sites to name them all and our hotel is just so close, but my favourite and bought me to tears was the Pantheon!!
Except I have to tell you, that all the men were staring at us all morning and one guy almost fell of his motorscooter. (see below a photo of our guide Christina and you can understand why we were so popular!!!!! (Hello Christina)
But what a very good guide indeed. Passionate about her history and has studied at University and has written a book.
The photo on the right includes our lovely guide Vivien, who knows to stand side on.
I will just upload a couple of photos I have taken out of the many!!!!

I seem to have a fetish for the backsides.... 

Woops, another one!!

Love Rome!!!! 
Who's on top of the ladder!!! Yeh GO PIES!
Tuesday 11 May
A Christian day today.
Catacombs, Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Cathedral My photos were not good today. No idea why!!

Loved Raphel's work - The School of Athens.
Photo below is said to be a portrait of Michael Angelo that Raphel incorporated into this painting
Also spent a lot of time in the stunning Sistine Chapel (no photos allowed)
Well, who has been to Rome or driven in Rome. The traffic is chaotic and no lines. Today was our first day on the bus and what happens - we have a car accident. 
Maybe if younger, could pick up quite a good looking fellow:

 The guy in the stripe top ran into the back of us and where was I sitting in the back on that side!!
Slightly sore back!!
Good looking guy!
Just before that, our driver had been breathalysed outside the Vatican as well.
Our hotel is in a fantastic central location. the room is tiny, but who cares only there to sleep.
Photos of the street and the Hotel Nerva.

Di a cena di alcuni prodotti alimentari di piĆ¹ bello - Rosa
Dite addio a Roma doman
Grazie mille.
No Internet last night and back down stairs to catch up at 10:45pm after dinner on whatever day it is!!

Last night in Roma and we had dinner at an old palace run by French nuns. The nuns came from Vietnam and Africa. Food was not fantastic, but atmosphere great.  The restaurant stops towards the end to sing Ave Maria with the nuns. All monies raised goes to Charity.

May 12

Time to depart Roma and travel along the ancient salt route stopping at a very ancient town Rieti and visited another hilltop town Spoletto. I certainly have had to get used to driving up mountains and trying to make sure I checked out the views!!!

Reiti has the 
Giro d'Italia 2010 happening and the Italians love Cadel Evans

We stayed the night at a beautiful town Perugia. You can take an escalator down to discover another ancient town below. Amazing!!

It has been go, go, go averaging at least 12ks a day walking.  We stopped at  a restaronte  to have campari  sptritzers (hope you are impressed Kaye).

May 14
The weather is not fantastic , but we have been lucky only getting soaked yesterday afternoon.

Today we hit the Tuscany area.
What a sight. It is just magnificient. Absolutely incredible. All the towns we visit are so high up on mountins.
WOW! Our driver is from Florence, so knows all the back roads. Fantastic. So for 5 of us we have a driver and a guide. Not wonder Italy was the most expensive tour!!

I have not had a very good day today.
Shopping in Sienna, I sighted very cheap red shoes. You all know my passion for shoes.
Told the group that I would catch up. Thought they had headed up the hill.
Could not find them for approx ½ hour. Did not panic, but also discovered that I did not have my mobile phone.
Retraced my steps back to the shoe shop and finally found them. The tour guide was getting a little anxious. I feel like I have been one of those real pains on tour today. Also, discovered that I had left my mobile at the last hotel. Yes, I know Frances, it should have been around my neck in the holder you gave me.
The hotel is going to post mobile to hotel in Como.

Maybe I’m getting a bit tired. Start early and haven’t been going to bed until midnight for last few nights. Need an early night!
We also visited the town of SanGimignano – city of towers and amd have arrived in Volterra where we stayed the next two nights.

In SanGimignano what did I find - A choc Labrador even with a red colour. GO RED!

Oh the heights of these areas. Will just have to get used to it.
Thank heavens the rooms do not have a view.
The bells are ringing  and ringing and ringing – just nearby. It is now 7:00pm and have to get ready for dinner.

Just had 4 courses
Ravioli with artichoke, pasta, wild boar,Too much food and too much vino  
Bells have stopped and it is 11:30pm. Must get to bed. Will forward more photos tomorrow.


May 14 - Buona sera
What about those mighty Pies. What a win. Have just read the stats. Go Trav Cloke. Good to see. I feel that the likes of Nathan Buckley would be helping him greatly. A very good win indeed. Still on top of the ladder. - 7 and 1.
I will be placing photos from the day before, but very little photos from today in Florence as I forgot to charge the battery. Bought a few postcards instead. Enjoyed Florence, and we all plan to have an early night. Just need to hop into bed early.
I had just found the group again here.

Hotel where we are staying in Volterra. Very high up on a mountain. Some views below

Icecream in Florence at 10:00am - Yum, Yum Yum, Choc/Orange and Fragola
Vivoli -  Gelato
Den, where is it that you talk about your story with the girls and icecream? Is it in Florence? This has been my favourite by far.

As you can see, in all the photos, I might as well be in Ireland. the weather has been quite cold.
May 15
Yesterday, our driver Gianni was saying it was like November in Italy. Today he greeted us saying Happy Christmas. Hopefully tomorrow heading to Venice might be a bit warmer.

Today we visited Pisa and then on to what has become my favourite town Lucca

I had no problem climbing the tower and was up and down in 15 minutes. My issue, is once I got to the  top,couldn't stay - that heights issue again - took a couple of quick photos for proof!!
Can someone let me know if they know what this vegetable is ( in the front of photo) that we found at a market in Pisa? Looks like some kind of bean!
Lucca is a most vibrant, fun city. People are just gorgeous and there was many activities happening.
Took photos of old Lancia cars on display (are you interested in these cars John?)

Also there was a parade with music, marching and flag twirling - (different groups from Lucca's history I think)
Lucca rocks

Stunning bar where we had pre dinner drinks in Lucca.

A most wonderful circle courtyard. 
The old town of Lucca is completely enclosed by a wall which is approx 5 klms long.

For Den,
there is a square in Lucca and all the buildings have the Maltese Cross. Any ideas??

Also, just missed Cadel Evans winning a stage near Pisa. The tour driver Gianni knew it was just on the other side of the city, but impossible to get the bus over there. He was excited to tell me the next day that Cadel had won the stage. Australians hold three jerseys - best new rider, mountain climber and points and Cadel is 2nd overall.
Elliott, who was on my tour in Ireland, tells me there is not enough humour in the Italy blog.
Well, I just don't have the characters of Elliott, Theresa, Kerry and Richard on this tour..........sorry!!!
Thank heavens the tour guide, Vivien enjoys a drink. We have enjyed some good times together.
Don't get me wrong the other two couples are lovely and very easy to travel with!!

Trying to catch up on the blog. More difficult when you do not have wifi in your room.

16 May 
Spent most of the day driving over the Apennine Mountains to Ravenna and then onto Venice.

Ah, Venice. At first I thought what are they all on about as when you first enter there is lots of industry, huge train stations and even when we hopped onto the vaporetto ride to the hotel, I couldn’t quite work out why this is special. Got to our hotel and things were looking up. Just going for a walk and then out to dinner, you just realize there is something special. Oh, how special.
Next day had a walking tour and St Mark’s church is my favourite outside of Rome. The mosaics is as something special and took 200 years to build.
As a group we then had a gondola ride which is a great way to see Venice.

The afternoon was free and me and my trusty map went exploring. Yes, those who know me are aware that a map wont help at all.  This is the first time I have really been on my own since I started touring and enjoyed it. Just wandered around Venice, taking in the market place (no fish market as it was a Monday), the incredible shops, the canals, the laneways and buildings, the vibe, the Venetians.

Did I get lost; yes lots, but eventually worked my way back to the hotel. Had dinner just around the corner on my own – eating liver as that is the traditional Venetian dish and watched venetian life (Promenade) they have their time between 5:30pm and approx 7:00pm meeting and catching up. The square I sat in is where the local hospital is, together with other magnificent buildings.

Where I had dinner

Hospital in Venice opposite where I had dinner.

Loved Venice and would like to spend more time there. One full day is just not enough.
Weather in Venice – divine.
View from out hotel:

Coffee in Italy - go to the most expensive restaurant stand at the bar have your coffee and you can then use the toilet. Coffee is a set price at any restaurant. You have to pay and sometimes quite a bit to use most public toilets!
Check out  the decor of this resaturant in Venice

18 May
Leaving Venice and took this photo: delivery of Vino - Why as I was leaving was it required????

Drove past Padua (this if for the family) best I could do was a sign – in Italian Padova. Padua is a very large city.

Stopped off at a beautiful town Verona and then headed towards Lake Como.

1st century remains and also the so called balcony of Romeo and Juliet!!! but did get this photo of students and the young lad was reading Romeo to Juliet in Italian.

Below is photos of the go, go, go and never stop Vivien and our driver Gianni.
Gianni is passionate about food  and comes from Florence. He and Vivien have a great sense of humour and Giannia has discussed an Italian book that is published each year for slow cook restaurants and b&b's. What a trip to take around Italy. Anybody interested??

Rosa you are right, what a beautiful site and snow caps on the mountains. Viewed mountains from Austria and Switzerland.
Photos galore……

And the hotel, we are staying out well just check out the views from my room.
This is just awesome.

Weather in Como - divine

Photos of Como to come. It is midnight and I'm off to Milan in the morning and then flying to Paris in the afternoon.
Tonight, I have updated extra from Venice and Verona. Photos of Como still to come.

In Como Lakes visited by ferry, Belaggio, Raveno and Menaggio  and stayed at a wonderful hotel in Leno – right on the lake
Went over the border to Lagona in Switzerland.
Anybody know how far from St Moritz.?

Mountains surrounding from Austria, Switzerland and Italy from 3,000 metres to 4,00 metres.
Love this sculpture dedicated to the silk makers.

Snow will not last much longer.

Facts from  Gianni our passionate about good food driver:
Book is called osterie d’italy – slow food - have not been able to find it in English
Tortellini – 500 years ago represent a womens navel

Lasagna from Ravena

Dinner last night in Leno  was a hoot. Had a few drinks and Carmen from America has a beautiful voice. Finally got her singing in the restaurant – Vivien and me too. Yeh, I know what you are all saying; let her sing on her own as we know you cannot sing…….. Well bad luck.

The restaurant was from the Slow Cook book.
Starters was beautiful asapargus and sage ravioli
Mains veal with Marsala and grilled vegetables – red and yellow peppers, eggplant and zucchini.
Dessert  panacotta with berry sauce. matched with fine local wine

Sang all the way back to the hotel.
Milan 20 May 
Vivien our guide made sure I had a glimpse of Milan

Arrived in Milan this morning and quick walk around the galleria Vittorio Emanuele 11
Incredible glass and steel room shopping arcade. The building took 14 years to build is shaped like a crucifix.  Guiseppe Mengoni designed the Galleria as a showplace for modern Milan and was completed in 1877. Unfortunately, Guiseppe fell to his death from the roof of the building just weeks before it was opened.

Why are you getting extra information on Milan.?  Because I have 3 hours to kill at Milpensa Airport.

Caught the train from Milan and had to be dropped off at 1:00pm to fit in.

So have now been at the airport since 1:45pm and fly out at 5:40pm .

No chance to visit the Last supper and same in Florence, no chance to visit the Statue of David (line too long for only 5 hour stop over).
Visited the incredible Dumo – Milan’s cathedral – 135 spires and 3,200 statues.
Was commissioned in 1386 capacity of 40,000  and finally completed in 1812…..

Refer to France link for updates

Addio bella Italia


  1. Thank goodness flights to Rome were still operating. Just think (or don't if it's too stressful) if your tour had been scheduled to start instead of end in Milan, you would still be in Dublin. This morning, in the face of possible flight cancellations, JB devised an alternative route - catching a ferry to Liverpool, then train to London and Eurorail to Rome. What a relief that was'nt needed.

    Can't wait to hear of your "adventures/escapades" in bella Italia. Go Viv
    (forget about go Pies)
    Enjoy, love Kaye

  2. Hi Viv,
    glad you made it to Italy. Ireland looks lovelly, can't wait for the next installment.
    Keep on partying - Sandra

  3. ciao Bella
    mangia mangia mangia tutto quando sei in Roma

  4. What a disappointment for you and for us. I met Michael tonight. He is a lovely man- is coming for tea on Wedenesday night. He loves the cottage- says it is just perfect!

    catch you tommorow night - love Jacinta

  5. So pleased Michael has arrived. I had forgotten. Also, I think Greg leaves today. Send him and Yori my love.
    Good luck Jacinta for Friday night.
    love to you all.

  6. Ciao Rosa,\n\nStasera a cena ho avuto\nfiori di zucca fritti, ravioli con salvia e burro e cotta Pana YUM

  7. Hi Sandra,

    Having a wonderful time. So pleased I have opted for tours.
    Love to everyone in the office. Is it quiet?


  8. Go Viv, Go! So glad your having a great time; bums & all. Absorb all the sights, sounds and smells they will live with you for ever.

  9. Hi Viv,
    Love the blog, photos great bringing back many memories of so many amazing sights. Backsides too! Now a Gran - Angus arrived 4/5/10 and is simply gorgeous.

    Look forward to next installments

  10. Hi Viv,

    Its not that quiet the new girl replacing Chantal started yesterday and she is pretty noisy. Enjoy the bums!! Wait until you see David's in Florence. Sandra

  11. Viv and Nancy Bird in front of the Trevi fountain - who would have believed it. Pic brought tears to my eyes Viv. You must take after you know who - she was always commenting on JB's bum!

  12. Go Viv. This is my second attempt to send a note - last one failed to send!

    You have great Italian: benissime!

    Greg and Yori leave on Saturday - Friday night your time.

    Glad you are enjoying and gathering all of those people!!!



  13. Brava Viv
    sono molto contenta che ai mangiato una buona pasta, dimi come buono il vino???

  14. Hi Di,

    Congratulations on becoming grandparents! Enjoy. Love Viv

  15. Hi Terry,

    I bet there is nothing to compare to the smells of India. Hope your conference went well.


  16. Very much enjoying your blog and Casey will be so pleased about your Italian adventure. Italy is No 1 on her list. No, it's not quiet at work. Don't think about Deakin, think about fun adventures. I am sure the men were staring at you, you are positively glowing. Wish I could write like Rose!
    xx Gilly

  17. Viv

    Tu parla Italiano benissime!

    Now go to your website and translate that!

    Bon viaggio per altre parte di Italia mia sorella.

    I can see the joy on your face in every photo.

    Watrch out the young men



  18. Hi Viv,
    Not enough praying perhaps!!

    Love the photos


  19. hi Viv, this is magpie Rob. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time although all this talk of bottoms and Irish PubPickups has me confused. I thought you were a totally focussed, One-eyed PieFan! I will send this now as I'm not sure if I have figured out the transmitting methodology. If successful will give you the inside report on last Saturdays game and my prognosis for tomorrow.
    ciao Rob

  20. Rob says
    Well, that appears to have worked! Went to the "G" with Darci and Tim on Sat. nite. They again played exceptionally well, with another very even performance, all doing their bit. Luke Ball was great as was Dane Swan. Young Sidebottom popped through a lazy 5! But our draw is tougher than all other probable finalists and the next month is critical. Tomorrow is the surprisingly rampant Dockers at Subiaco. Sandilands and Pavlich are in super form and we'll have to be on our guard. Medhurst out (foot) and Anthony back. I would have gone for a small. Viv, if you are getting enough footy info. via the net this sort of stuff may be superfluous. let me know.
    Ciao once more, Bucks

  21. Hi,Mick.I'm with Jerry and Sean.They loved the photos of Ireland.They send their regards.

  22. Hi Viv,

    Love the blog and the photos. You are having such an adventure and wonderful time.

    Enjoy it all.

    Sue Rob

  23. Hi Greg and Yori,

    Safe travels and see you in London.
    Hello to Jerry and Sean.

  24. Hi Viv,
    I don't know about you Viv but Italy is one of my favourite places in the world. The food, the scenery and the warm and friendly people. What a tour you have selected! I think it is worth every penny considering the attention you are recieving.
    love J
    PS I had my first campari and soda in Italy. I bought it at a vending machine on a train platform. Only in Italy!

  25. Hi Viv,
    Do you realise you devoted more space to Collingwood comments than you did Florence!
    Loving your photos - what a country. Pity about the cold, but at least you're not rubbing shoulders with hoardes of tourists. Those little back road villages look fantastic too.
    Ah Venice and all it's Byzantine history - Enjoy
    love to you, Kaye

  26. Collingwood deserve more space thanFlorence.
    Great again on Friday,Mick.Good trip to Japan but a littlt tiring.Great to see Yori,s family.
    PS Essendon beat the Saints.

  27. Hi mum, looks like your having a great time, some of the photos are bringing back lots of memories! Glad to hear you're having such a good time. Love u lots. Take care. Xx

  28. Hi Viv,
    For some reason I can’t post any blogs at the moment. I have just lost another one! I have had a busy weekend. The awards night on Friday. Didn’t win but had fun. Came home – Den had QMF meeting and then went back to Melb to help Mad with new house. There has been a lot of cleaning taking place – very impressed! Back to Geelong on Saturday for play at GPAC. Jessica came on Sunday and went to see wonderful French movie called Welcome in Geelong on Sunday. Tonight we have QMF AGM dinner! (also played table tennis) Are you exhausted because I am! We also have to move everything out of Grovedale baseroom for renovations!
    I was hoping to buy a phone card to call you in hotel room- what would be a good place and what time- your time??

    Love Jacinta

  29. Just back from QMF dinner. Barb was elected as a life member. A hello moto phone ring went off and she said, "Sounds like Viv". Jill said to say, "Hi from blabbermouth." She was very jealous and disappointed she didn't go with you. She said you would be fun to travel with.
    Hope all is well.

    love your baby sister- Jacinta

  30. Hi Sue Robo,

    Lovely to hear from you. Will keep you updated especially with the France Tour.

  31. Hi Cint,

    For all of you that didn't know. Jacinta was nominated in the final few for teacher of the year in Victoria for 2010.
    As stated, she didn't win, but is a winner in the family's eyes. Cint, don't worry about a phone card. Too difficult to work out times. I will update my blog, but have fallen in love with Venice. Love to you and all at QMF Viv

  32. Dear Greg and Kaye,

    Just to explain, I did not have any photos of Florence as battery went flat. Have actually bought another battery in Venice, so will have lots of photos, as other battery flat again today.
    I do have one video of the earliest renaissance sculpture in Florence. Will try and upload.

  33. Hi everyone,
    Please refer to Jess's message below.
    I am now incorporated into a teaching program. Will have to make sure my facts are correct:

    Received email from Jess today:
    May get into trouble for this but I read your blog at work today. Glad I did because it was fantastic. I incorporated it into my program at OSHC and now the kids at work are following your blog. I figure I can’t get into trouble that way and it’s great for the kids. They really enjoyed it. Adrian wants to know why you barrack for Collingwood because they suck compared to Brisbane Lions. Colleen said the beans in the photo are snake beans and Dillan wants to know why you like bums so much when they are so ugly!! Thank you for keeping us so entertained we will keep following your blog. I tried to post a comment on your blog page but it wouldn’t let me.

  34. Go Adrian - Go Lions!!

    Go Viv - don't fall into the murky water in Venice.

    Did you not go to the beautiful city of Padua?? - St ANTHONY and all!.



  35. Hi Jess,
    Tell Adrian, Pies are the best, chuck out the rest.
    Many thanks to Colleen for her vegetable knowledge and tell Dillan he might understand when he grows up!!

  36. Hi Viv,
    Warm weather in Venice, what a treat. Your blog took me back many years - good to hear they still meet in little squares all over Venice for their evening chat - is it a little political do you think? Or all gossip - seems heavier than that. We loved Como too. Hopefully you will get a chance to rest a little by that beautiful lake. What about hiring a bike!!!! Italy is almost over. Enjoy love Kaye

  37. Hi Kaye,
    I think it is totally all gossip and no politics involved at all. That is what I want to believe.
    Como is delightful and stunning. Haven't had time for a bike ride. It is just go,go, go. from 8:30am in the morning and until now 10:30pm at night we do not seem to stop. Of course, dinner we stop and enjoy together. Tonight we had a meal from the 'slow cook italian book recommend by our italian driver. He is passionate about food.Slow cook guide is available together with B&B guide to match. Will find out more details.

    You also know me and bikes just do not go!! Kaye O'Connell if you could connect to this blog you would know how to respond.



  38. Hi Viv,
    Den and I were thinking that we didn't go on a gondola when we were in Venice and we really don't know why?? Your trips sounds fabulous! Loved the slow food dinner- would love more details of what you had? You know that Italy is the home of slow food.

    Am a little weary - woke up at 4am and tried discussing the match ups for the impending Cats vs Pies clash tommorow night with Den - needless to say Den was not impressed and whats more refused to discuss it. He mentioned something about being a jock... We have a table tennis match tommorow at school- Pies supporters vs Cats! Keep your fingers crossed.

    love Jacinta

  39. So hard to believe that your Italian tour is over. Your trip will fly from now on Viv. Bon Voyage to France. I wonder if you will see the Celt connection between Brittany and Irelalnd? Enjoy the crepes.
    love Kaye

  40. Hi Viv,

    love reading your blog, can't wait for the next installment.... sounds so wonderful.

  41. Enjoy frogland Mick.Go Pies.

  42. GO PIES! See the game is a sell out. Should be a great game.

  43. Hi Viv, Finally worked out (I think) how to post a comment on a Blog - Yay. Sounds like you are having a WONDERFUL time. Maybe you should stay OS until we lose a game, you know how well we are doing with Anna in your seat! Tonight it's the Cats, hope we can be competitive at worst, win at best! Anyhow - keep having fun, and tell Jacinta if she comes to the footy and ends our run next week she will never be allowed to the footy again! (if we keep winning shewill be allowed to use your ticket again)....Love to you from all your Footy Family - loving your Blog.

  44. Hi Amanda,

    Not a great night for the Pies. Seemed to be competitive until half time. Was it bad kicking in 2nd half that let them down? Jacinta can relax a bit for next week's game and not have sleepless nights! Give my love to the boys. Viv

  45. Hi Greg and Yori,

    How is the holiday going? It must be great for Yori to be home and for you Greg to return to the country you lived in for many years. Not long before we meet in London.

  46. Hi Belinda,

    Thanks, I bet it brings back great memories of your travels.

  47. Viv

    I don't think you will want to come home.

    Keep enjoying - you realise we are all with you.



  48. Hi Kerry,

    It will be all your fault, that I do not want to come home!! How am I going to afford to do this again!


  49. Hi Mum,

    I think I would love Italy (besides the food of course, don't think that would sit too well?!)I just can't wait to go one day!

    I'm sure you're loving the food and wine?

    Can't believe it's only two weeks left. That is going to fly by for you!

    Can't wait to hear about romantic Paris!

    I'm going to come down to Lonnie the June long weekend (first weekend after you get back) but I'll see you on the Wednesday you get back of course....

    Love you lots

  50. Hi Anna,

    Have you been reading updates on the France link?