Arrive in Galway from Luton Airport London 1 May

Have arrived in Galway late in the afternoon  - 30 seater plane. What I learnt was that carry on luggage on these planes means handbag only, so extra weight cost me 45 pound. Half the price of the original airfare!!

Met with tour guide Richard and the 5 other people on the tour for dinner
One couple from Toronto, one couple from USA and one lady from Dubo NSW.
I think I'm almost the youngest. Should be an interesting tour!

I was disappointed I didn't have time to look around Galway. Just loved the quaint streets and little shops. There really is just little pubs everywhere. 

Today we travelled around Galway Bay. One beautiful little harbour town was Kinvara.  We stopped for lunch at Ballyvaghan. Had yummy seafood chowder at Monks Hotel. See photo above. We headed down to the Burren National Park. It is a very barren area of limestone rock. We also visited the Poulnabrone Portal Tomb and an old monastery - Corcomroe Abbey 1500 years old.

Next stop was the stunning Cliffs of Moher. Of course you can see in my photo that I wore the Collingwood scarf today!! GO PIES!  
Yes, and it is cold and windy, but the sun came out in the afternoon.
We then travelled by car ferry across from Kilrush and headed down to Killarney where we are staying for the next two nights. Can't tell you much about this drive, as I went sound asleep and entertained the party with my snoring!!

May 3
Today was touring beautiful scenery in Dingle. Stopped at the beach where Ryan's Daughter was filmed. Sad to see cars driving over the sand
It is a beautiful fishing village
Ireland is a beautiful place
A photo of our tour group and the wonderful tour guide - Richard a very gentle and helpful person.
And for the family - I found a Cronin butcher shop (almost) in Kilarney. Greg are you the son? Hold on it says sons; does that include you also Kerry?
May 4, or close enough to it!!
Tonight we heard no flights out of Ireland because of the volcano! It is following me.
Encouraged some of our group to go out dancing and drinking and have just returned.
Keep your fingers crossed that I can fly to Italy on Sunday!!
May 4 continues
The Irish dancing was very traditional. Many older people and they had their dancing shoes on.
So stomping etc. It was almost like an exhibition for a bus load of German tourists. Theresa a lady on the tour and I danced anyway. Richard (tour guide) said we didn't get in the way!!!
Another busy day on the road. Headed off from Killarney and past Lough Leane and to a lovely little town called Kenmare and then to Bantry Bay. Many winding roads today and up and down mountains.
Visited at 17th century house - Bantry House

Climbed many steps to take this photo. We stopped for lunch here

Staying two night in Blarney at the Blarney Castle Hotel. Of course, went over and climbed the castle to kiss the stone!!
The pub where we are staying has traditional Irish music and sort of like a quiz/music get together first Tuesday of every month. So here we are, first Tuesday of the month. Only a couple of us stayed up, as in Ireland nothing gets going until after 10:00pm. Didn't last long as we are all so tired and there was just the music, not dancing. Thought I would be kept awake all night as our rooms are above, but did not hear a sound!
Kad, this is as close as I will come to Mallow. Found a sign. The people at this pub know the owners of where you worked well and they often visit the hotel I'm staying in.

May 5 
Visited the harbour town of Kinsale and went on a walking tour of the town. Has a history of invasions and battles with Spain/England and Ireland.

Next stop was the town of Gobh, also previously known as Cove and Queenstown.
It is here that most Irish people got off the train and on the ship to migrate to Australia/US/Canada/New Zealand. Also it was from here that the convicts were shipped out.
Do we know if any of our ancestors came out by ship? This port was also the final port call for the RMS Titanic.
The Blarney Castle Hotel - 2 nights accommodation
My room is on the far left from the sign.
A few of us went to the local pub for dinner and drinks. We met up with the young lad on the right with his girlfriend and his Dad, Don on the left.  Interesting and fun, fun, night!! It so easy to pick up in Ireland if you wanted to!!! Read into that whatever you like. 
Young William taught me to play darts. look at these three shots - Bull's eye!!!! Amazing how a couple of brandy and drys can help you aim straight. 
May 6
Today we toured to the rock of Cashel which towered over the plains of Tipperary.   St Patrick was known to have converted them to Christianity 
We spent our last night on tour at Kilkenny
Kad, we left Kilkenny and went via Mallow. I took some photos out of the bus. Not the best, but does any bring back memories. Couldn't go past Longvuille.

Our last day we crossed the Wicklow Mountains to Glendalough a monastery founded by St Kevin
The mountains have nothing, except lots of peat  and then we come to this beautiful valley.
Next, Powerscourt Estate with its beautiful gardens
Four of us stayed at the same hotel on our return to a final destination - Dublin. Went out for dinner and I farewelled my tourist friends this morning. Elliott and Theresa were heading back to Toronto and Kerry (from Dubo) was off to England and Scotland for another 7 weeks.
Great people and a lot of laughs and fun:
Kerry is on the left.
Had farewelled the American couple the night before and tears were shed as we farewelled our guide, RichardI had a quiet day today. Did some washing, listened to the mighty pies have a great win and a couple of walks around Dublin.
Below is photos of St Patricks Cathedral. I think I can remember Kay O'Connell telling me to have a look. Dublin reminds me of Melbourne. Yes, the buildings are older and no skyscrpapers, but there is trams, little laneways and on a Friday night people spilling out onto the streets for Friday night drinks and meals.
Lots of little laneways, with interesting shops and closed off roads. Lovely,lively city.

One of the reasons I brought my red Nancybird handbag with me, was not to look like a tourist and today whilst walking around Dublin, two tourists asked me for directions.
Nancybird well done!!
Off to bed early as I have to be picked up at 4:30am in the morning. Hopefully flying out at 7:10am to Rome tomorrow.

End of Ireland page. Next link will be Italy


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  2. Hi Viv,
    I have written this comment a number of times - just testing it works! Collingwood beat Carlton by 52 points! 3 points the difference 17 minutes into the 3rd quarter! Pretty good win!
    Love reading your blog! Miss you love Cint

  3. Hi mum, sounds like your having a ball! Miss you already! Really enjoying getting up every day and looking at your blog to see of you have added anything! Love you lots! Xx

  4. Hi Viv,
    Lovely to gmail chat with this evening/morning. Just written to Anna to enquire what on earth she wrote in her blog entry to require the blog administrator to remove it!
    Enjoy Ireland, it looks freezing - we're still a lovely 22C here today. K

  5. Hi Viv,
    You look gorgeous in that Collingwood scarf- what a win!Loved the fact that you slept through the scenci drive- you dag!I would love to also tlak on gmail- not usre how. I will defintely get instructions.Most imprssed with the Bog - you really are a techno whizz!
    love Jacinta

  6. Just re read my blog comment- full of spelling mistakes! I will try harder!
    xxx Jacinta

  7. Hi Mum,

    Looks great! Did you do some Irish dancing?
    It's so lovely to feel as though we are on this journey with you through this blog.

    Kaye - I wrote a test comment when Mum was setting the blog up. Kad asked me the same question!

    Cint - Aren’t you a teacher? hehe, just joking, I’m being cheeky! Love you my Aunty Cinty!

    Mt fingers, toes and legs are crossed for you my dear mother.

    Love you, take care and go pies (I love keeping your seat warm for you!)

  8. I agree with Anna, it does kind of feel like were travelling with u, it's fantastic! I really enjoy getting up and seeing what news mum has to report! However I was disappointed with the news that the volcano is at it again! I have everything crossed, hopefully good news will b up in the morning! Love you! Keep smiling and travel safe! Xx

  9. hi Viv,
    Message from Greg (who's comment failed to upload - and he's not going to repeat it - but I can pass on some of it) Message states: Last week was Collingwood's best game in the past 5 years - or something along that line.

    How's the Irish dancing going? Did you have live music Irish style?
    For a volcano which mostly remains unnamed - as no one can pronounce it - it is certainly causing a lot of grief. Fingers crossed for Italy. love Kaye

  10. Hi Greg,

    Looking forward to the rest of the season. No injuries will help.

  11. Dearest Viv,
    Sounds exciting staying in these little Irish pubs. Ireland really is a beautiful place!

    Collingwood are all the talk in the media at the moment. They apparently are 3rd favourites to win the flag! The young midfielders are really shining. I am going to the Queen's birthday round. Are you missing the footy?

    Had a good hit of table tennis tonight.

    Talk tommorow night
    love Jacinta

  12. Hi all,

    love reading your comments. jacinta, I'm also going to Queen's birthday match. Bad luck Anna!! I do miss the footy, but am enjoying myself. Just a bit worried about flying out to Rome. At this stage it still is a north wind and we need a south wind. Not quite sure when it will change and not quite sure what to do if I can't fly out. Will just have to wait and see. Love to you all. Viv

  13. fingers crossed for that flight Viv - at least you have the ph number of B.R. tours. Off to look after a sick Issy this morning. Love to you and never mind missing the footy. Did you feel particularly connected to Ireland? Kaye

  14. Not sure what Kaye's comment re connected meant?- given your references to picking up and innuendos. I'm sure she was refering to being connected because of your Irish Jacinta

  15. Woo hoo! Go mum! What happens on tour stays on tour though, right! Glad your having fun! Keep aiming straight! Fingers still crossed for Italy! Xx

  16. I recall that my Mother has not actually admitted to picking anyone up....You are all reading into it too much. Although, she did comment 'it was a fun, fun night'.....
    Vivien, would you like to comment?

    Love from the child you miss the most.

    P.S. It's Grandad vs. Mamas tomorrow night. Go Pies!

  17. A bit worried about the NO COMMENT!!
    Sounds like you are having a ball. We are off to Melb tomorrow to catch up with Lina and have breakfast with the girls on Sunday. Hope you enjoy your Mother's Day - and may the wind be with you! I'll keep my fingers crossed.
    love J

  18. The wind is going to be a real concern. Keep everything crossed for: Aer Lingus flight EI 402 leaving Dublin for Rome 7:10am Sunday 9 May. You can go on their website to check if the flight is going ahead. At this stage yes, but things are changing all the time. love Viv.
    ANYBODY ON SKYPE???? Would love to chat.

  19. I have tired to reach you ongmail. What is your skype account number?

  20. go viv, Addio Irlanda e ciao Italia. Ecco Vivien.
    Say after me: Il mio nome è Vivien Vengo da Australia e non parlo italiano. See Google translate - it's a FANTASTIC tool. Enjoy, love Kaye

  21. Go pies!! They r Looking pretty good viv! Any news on flights yet? There is alot of talk about the pies and the flag!! Keep having fun mummy dearest! Love u lots. Xx

  22. Hi Kaye,
    I have been using the Google translate and printed up a few words and lines and have been trying to learn with the audio!!

  23. Hi Kad,

    I have tried to skype you on my laptop. Will keep on trying as you are the only one with Skype on my laptop!!!

  24. Hi Cint,

    My Skype is vivfog and email

  25. festa della mamma felice!! To the best Mother and my best friend. Miss you...

    I checked your flight..... Rome here we come!

    Love you Mum.

  26. Hi Elliott, Theresa and Kerry.
    Are you reading my blog for Ireland?

    I enjoyed your company so much. Thanks to all of you and will be in touch.


  27. Viv!! Love looking through your photos. Hope you're having a really lovely time. Much love, Tegan.