How to find out what I lost

I will try and add back information


  1. Drive from Lake Como to St Moritz about 2.5 hrs in good weather. Can get hairy in Winter I believe. love Kaye

  2. Hi Viv,
    Whilst in Honfleur, try to get a photo of that lovely, classic old merry-go-round on the waterfront. You don't see many like that one any more and it would be good to save for your grandchildren. Enjoy the shellfish - incredible.
    love, Kaye

  3. Hi Viv, How excited Mum would have been to know you saw Richard the Lionheart's castle (Coeur De Lion).
    Bayeux tapestry is wonderful. I remember wandering along the canal, imagining wonderful activities of old around the watermill and later Marg and I read that the whole area was a tannery - imagine the stink of old!
    How sanitized it has all become - thank goodness.
    Our bike from Dinan to an overnight stay in St Malo then back to our base in Dinan doesn't look that far on the map, but we managed to do twice the distance just finding our way along the back roads. We needed your guide. Say hello to St Malo for Lizzy and Carl - it's their pick from their travels - hence their choice of a little Breton place in Williamstown for their wedding celebration. I'm travelling with you in spirit. Enjoy, love, Kaye

  4. Hi Viv, Pies lost as you know - but didn't look too bad - competitive for 2 and a half quarters then over-run by the Cats bigger bodies. I'm very jealous - we never got to the Monet garden when we visited Paris, your photos are fantastic! Small town markets in France - does it get any better for someone who enjoys food and wine? Don't hold back on what you eat and drink whilst in such places would be my motto - when in Rome (or Paris)..... There will be plenty of time to eat and drink more healthy stuff once you get back. Enjoy!

  5. Hi Viv,
    Sounds like you have become very travel savvy! Especially in airports. Although Pies got beaten by 6 goals- it didn't really reflect the game. They had their chances but our uonger players inexperience was evident. Geelong got some quick goals in a matter of minutes.We had a table tennis grudge match at school on Friday. Pies vs Cats. Emma Scarlett organised it- our kids dressed up in Cat's outfits but you will be pleased to know we beat them 2 zip!
    Glad you took control on the tour when bus broke down- you would be in your element. Sounds like the food has been great.
    Keep enjoying yourself.
    Love Cint

  6. Hi Viv,

    Sounds like this tour is going to be a bit different to the last ones, but just as enjoyable. Your photos a really fantastic, I look forward to reading your blog and catching up to where you are. Sorry about the Pies but can't be too sorry as it was the Cats that beat them. Looking forward to your return and hearing the unedited stories. Enjoy the rest of your holidays, remember you can sleep and rest when you get back to Australia. Love Sandra

  7. Hi Vivvie, How Mum would have loved to have seen that tapestry - she was always quoting (among so many other historical quotes: "The Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror, 1066". Thanks for the Merry-Go-Round you got it and loved that fishing net/marina photo - I think you should get a photo-journalist job with a travel mag. Cute waiters in red shirts eh? Not exactly Pt Lonsdale style! Oh how the other half live. love Kaye

  8. Viv

    Getting used to this blogging bit, I was looking still in Italy - wonderning why you had not written any more of your trip - then remembered today to look for FRANCE.

    Keep enjoying for the last 2 weeks - it will remain a memory for you.



  9. Hi Viv,
    I have loved reading your blog and although naturally I have missed you heaps I will miss reading it! You have a way of brightening my day. Enjoy the rest of France.
    Lots of Love

  10. A suggestion - perhaps Viv's 50 or so blog followers could pay a subscription to cover Viv's travel expences and get our daily fix for Viv's travel blog. Or Viv, perhaps you could set up a world-wide blog by subscription (similar to You travel the world and blog to entertain the masses. I'm sure there'd be keen advertisers too. In fact some PR companies could open many doors for you. The mind boggles - but your blogs are making our wintery days warmer. Can't wait for the next episode.
    love, Kaye

  11. Hi,Viv.Yori and I paid a fortune for a side trip to Mont San Michelle.By your description it may be worth it.

  12. Hi Viv and all,
    I agree with Kaye. I race home each night to catch the next installment. I learnt all about the Bayeau tapestry and the Battle of Hastings- 1066 in Year 8. But didn't relise how long and impressive this tapestry or should I say embroidery actually is until you described it Viv.

    Dennis and I are thinking maybe tours are the hassle free way to go.

    Hello to Greg and Yori- do you have a blog or email address so I can catch up with your travels??

    love Jacinta


  13. Hi Greg,

    Yes, this is what Yori wanted to go to isn't it. Well worth it!

  14. Hi Cint,

    To think, I taught you something!!. Still plenty of compromises to make, but you do see some great sites and extra info.

  15. Hi Mum,
    Sorry i havn't written to you for a while....but i have been tracking you very carefully! I agree with Cint and Kaye, your blog is fantastic and every morning when i wake up i check your blog to see if there is anything new! I have it as an app on my i-phone and actually went over the megabites i was allowed because i was checking it so much! They were kind enough to let me know though! It sounds like your having the most fantastic and you can easily see that photography is a passion of yours by all the fantastic photos. 2 weeks is not long to go, although it does seem like you have been gone forever! Enjoy the rest of the times and don't forget to e-mail me your info about return times ect for picking you up. I hope your remembering some of these delicious recipies so you can try and re-create when you get home. Hope you have jotted some down!! Miss you loads, but so happy you are having a great time. Love you. XX

  16. Viv

    Auray is near to Etele where I stayed with my friends in Brittany. I think that is where Abraham Lincoln sailed to or from when he came to get French help for the US Civil War? I had some seafood there - it was great - but I missed out on the oysters by about 2 weeks. There was a very sweet thing - like a small Moreton Bay Bug. Yes, the food in France is spectacular.



  17. Hi Viv,
    Gordon says we are all sorry that the Pies lost, and he's not sure Jacinta should come next week - but I said that maybe this time she will bring us luck as we have been losing the last few! His team the Caulfield Bears are now 5-2 and flying nicely.... See you back at the footy soon - sneak me back some of that absolutely stunning food if you can!!!! Hope you don't stint yourself while you are over in foodie heaven, you can only enjoy it while you can!

    Love from your footy family.

  18. Hi Viv,

    Yes I am going to the footy. Sorry Amanda but I will do my best to bring the pies good luck.

    Enjoy Paris Viv. Did you think about going to the tennis?? I suppose you would miss out on sight seeing!

    Good night Viv
    Excited that I will see you soon.

    lots of love
    Your baby sister

  19. Hi,Mick.we leave for England in 16 hours.See you soon.
    Greg and Yori

  20. GO SAM STOSUR! Will update blog in London. had issues with the internet here.

  21. Hi Mum,

    Know you're having internet issues but let me know if you want to arrange another gmail video chat....

    Amanda, tell Gordon I have a feeling Jacinta will bring luck. I'm going to miss not seeing you all this week! I will have to catch up with all 4 of you soon. I realised I didn't get to sit with all 4 of you for once and Jacinta will go to one game and get to, jealous! Hope you are all feeling better now!

    Jacinta, you know about the hot chips don't you?

    Greg and Yori, hope you are having a ball!

    Mum, only a week now.....yay for us (not for you I know!)I'm hitting Lonnie the weekend you get back (long weekend) and can't wait! Will see you on Wednesday anyway!

    Hope the internet is much better for you in London.

    Love you

  22. Hi Viv,

    Looks as though you've had a wonderful time, (obviously!).

    But isn't Pt Lonsdale better??

    Cheers, safe travel,

    Mark L,

  23. Hi Viv,

    Go Pies! Jacinta did offer to leave half waythrough the last quarter when we faltered big time - but she finally got to attend a win! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

    Love from your Footy Family!

    ps: Anna - Jacinta not only knew about the chips but they got a serve each! She has upped the ante!

    Jacinta - the boys are now more than happy for you to come and use Viv's ticket!